Roll Racing events are open to all types of road registered cars. Unregistered cars are also welcome but need to be approved by Roll Racing management and must be pre entered. You will need to email with photos of your car and details about why it isn’t registered.

We limit these events to 160 cars so that everyone gets a lot of runs throughout the night. Most cars get 15- 20 races per night so you get plenty of track time and lots of opportunity to race your friends and many other different cars throughout the night.

The concept is that you race another vehicle in a straight line from a rolling start of around 35mph. You set off from the marshaling point at the start of the racing area. In the first area before the lights, you get up to 35mph and position your car next to the car you are racing so you are side by side. Once our starter deems the two cars to be travelling at the same speed he will turn the lights from orange to green and the two cars race along the pit straight to the finish line about 300mtrs away. We see who has the quickest car for that specific race, then you can return back to the marshaling area and you can race someone else and keep going all night. After your race, you can return to the entrants paddock area and socialize or prepare your car for the next time you head out for a race.

The secret to Roll Racing is not to have the most HP or biggest tyre,  it’s to have a well set up car and that car get the power to the ground and use it correctly. This event is designed for True Street Cars. Ones that will drive to the track and drive home and have some races off the street. Roll Racing is open to all types of vehicles from domestics, imports and super cars all battling it out under lights to see who really has a fast car.

The track opens at 6.30pm and we will run as an open track were you can keep coming back and lining  up to have another run. Towards the end of the night around 9.45- 10pm we will run an eliminator to see which car is the fastest on the night and invite the 2 cars in the final back for the next event where they will receive the VIP package.

Event Schedule:

  • Registration Office open 5.30pm
  • Gates open at 5.30pm
  • Drivers briefings start at 6.10pm – if you are late we will have rolling briefings throughout the night
  • Roll Racing circuit open 6.30pm – 10.30pm
  • Roll Racing Eliminator 9.45-10pm – 9.45pm
    Pit exit closed so you need to be in the marshaling lanes before 9.45pm
  • Venue Closed 11pm

Check out some of the footage from one of our events overseas to get an idea of what you can expect .