6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Roll Racing America Auto Club#4

Autoclub Speedway

The following Tickets are available for our next event

Ticket Type Price Cart
VIP Entrant - Roll Racing Auto Club#4 $100
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Entrant - Roll Racing Auto Club#4 $50
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Spectator - Roll Racing Auto Club#4 $15
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Entrant Transfer of Ownership - Roll Racing Auto Club#4 $20
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Once you have purchased a ticket there are no refunds nor do we move you to another event so choose wisely. We understand things happen and cars break so you will be able to transfer/sell the ticket to someone else through the website but this must be done no later than 3 days prior to each event.

VIP Entry – Driver entry with garage spot for the night + Spectator Pass. Your garage number will be given to you when you sign in at the venue.

Normal Entry  – Driver entry with vehicle pass

Spectators Entry – Entry to the venue

Roll Racing America Terms & Conditions of Entry The following conditions of entry apply to all persons entering Auto Club Speedway Exclusion of Liability, Release and Assumption of Risk MOTOR SPORT IS DANGEROUS In exchange for being able to attend or participate in the event, you agree: • to release the Auto Club Speedway, Roll Racing America the promoters, sponsor organisations, land owners and lessees, organisers of the event, their respective servants, officials, representatives and agents (collectively, the “Associated Entities”) from all liability for your death, personal injury (including burns), psychological trauma, loss or damage (including property damage) (“harm”) howsoever arising from your participation in or attendance at the event, except to the extent prohibited by law; You acknowledge that: • the risks associated with attending or participating in the event include the risk that you may suffer harm as a result of: motor vehicles (or parts of them) colliding with other motor vehicles, persons or property; acts of violence and other harmful acts (whether intentional or inadvertent) committed by persons attending or participating in the event; and the failure or unsuitability of facilities (including grand-stands, fences and guard rails) to ensure the safety of persons or property at the event.
• motor sport is dangerous and that accidents causing harm can and do happen and may happen to you. You accept the conditions of, and acknowledge the risks arising from, attending or participating in the event and being provided with the event services by Roll Racing America and the Associated Entities. General Conditions • Management reserves the right to inspect and / or search bags, motor vehicles and motorcycles brought into or out of the venue. This may require the persons assistance. • Persons gaining unauthorised access to Auto Club Speedway will be evicted and may be liable for prosecution. • Persons who use offensive or threatening language, cause a disturbance or refuse to comply with requests made by Auto Club Speedway staff will be evicted. • Alcohol cannot be brought into or taken from Auto club Speedway • Smoking on the premises is not permitted in any pit and paddock areas, seated, thoroughfare and concourse areas and buildings, balconies and pit roof. • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult or guardian at all times. • Persons who throw articles or gain unauthorised entry onto the circuit will be evicted and may be liable for prosecution. • Persons consent to the recording of their image or likeness including audio and visual. • Persons bringing personal items into Auto club Speedway do so at their own risk and Auto club Speedway and Roll Racing America will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of personal property. • Any unauthorized commercial activity including ticket selling, soliciting, customer surveying, or attaching advertisements is not permitted. Refusal of Entry For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all persons, management reserves the right to: • Refuse entry to any persons deemed to be intoxicated and/or disorderly; • Refuse entry to any unauthorised persons; • Refuse entry to persons who attempt to bring any restricted or prohibited items into Auto club Speedway